Is Melania Ready for Divorce?

After the White House, Trump could also lose his wife

It is no mystery to anyone that the marriage of President Donald Trump and Melania Trump is in dire straits. Although Melania has never explicitly stated this, the First Lady has expressed her displeasure on many occasions through unmistakable body language signals.

According to a report by the Daily Mail, Melania is allegedly counting the days before she can divorce Donand Trump. The revelation was made by Melania Omarosa’s former aide Manigault Newman.

Recall that Melania Trump waited five months after her husband moved to the White House before moving to Washington from New York. He waited for the couple’s son Barron Trump to finish his academic year. We know that Melania broke down in tears the day her husband won the election in 2016. She reportedly didn’t expect her to win.

Melania has been an atypical first lady all along, often appearing disoriented and bothered by her role. She has notoriously stayed out of the limelight as her husband Donald Trump was impeached in January 2020. Her public appearances have been inconsistent. It was absent from electoral demonstrations in the final run-up to the elections.

Reports have also surfaced of Donald Trump using a double Melania body in election campaigns, although there hasn’t been much evidence for that.

Melania has reportedly signed a pre-marital agreement with Trump, which most likely prohibits her from being critical of Donald Trump in interviews or publishing books containing details about the 45th president of the United States.

It is known that Melania, famous for being impassive, has refused to hold her husband’s hand on many occasions. On the day of Donald Trump’s inauguration, as the couple walked towards the Obamas, we all saw Trump walking in front of her. Analysts are said to have dubbed their marriage “contractual”.


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